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Raw Bites By Risa

Vanilla Cookie Dough "Ice Cream"

Vanilla Cookie Dough "Ice Cream"

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Our infamous "ice cream" is now available for you to savor by the spoon full! This half pint of ice cream is a creamy vanilla blend with chunks of our classic salted tahini cookie dough, dark chocolate coffee pieces and swirls of our gooey Nutella. Keep in the fridge or freezer. 

612cal/45c/38f/11p per pint

Ingredients: Ice cream (coconut cream, cashew butter, lucuma powder, vanilla extract, coconut oil, light agave). Cookie Dough (almond flour, ground flax seed, unsweetened shredded coconut, tahini, light agave, ashwagandha powder, vanilla extract, cacao butter, cacao powder). Nutella (hazelnut butter, cacao powder). Coffee Chocolate Pieces (cacao butter, cacao powder, coconut oil, coconut sugar, instant coffee). 

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